Three reasons to start weightlifting to lose weight

barbell and weights

Bring on those heavy circles! Weightlifting isn’t just for super-serious athletes–it’s a great form of exercise for those looking to get healthier for multiple reasons: Let’s break those reasons down… Weightlifting isn’t as scary (or confusing) as you fear. Lifting weights is straightforward–you pick up objects and battle with them against Earth’s gravity. However, the … Read more

A case of water

A pack of forty 16-ounce bottles of water weighs about 40 pounds. I just carried this case of water up two flights of stairs. I managed to do it without stopping, but I’m still catching my breath a few minutes later. About 20 years ago I weighed about 205 pounds. I thought that was heavy … Read more

Dealing with a plateau

Noom told me that this would happen. Every day isn’t going to be down. Sometimes you’ll get stuck. Trying to break 250, but not yet I hit 251 pounds on September 3rd. That’s down 30 pounds. As of today September 30th, I’m still at 251 pounds. I spent all of September oscillating between 250 and … Read more

Is weight loss easy?

Is weight loss easy?

I’ve been using Noom for two weeks now. I’m down about nine pounds, which is good. Down anything is good, but nine pounds in the first two weeks is a lot, and it’s not sustainable. (I understand that this rate isn’t sustainable. But it is part of the initial boost that I’ll talk about later.) … Read more

Celery is my friend

As I’m starting up a weight loss journey (again) I had had a false understanding of how my body would handle a lot of vegetables. I’ve had GI tract issues in the past, and though it’s under control now, I had attributed the occasional bouts of “angry gut” (a euphemism for explosive diarrhea) to consuming … Read more

Fitocracy: Here are the points you need to level up

Fitocracy is a great community for spurring each other onto great fitness things. Here’s what you need to level up … Fitocracy: Because Internet Points Fitocracy gamifies fitness and exercise. Do exercises, get internet points. It’s amazing what people will do for (fake) internet points. I’m at Level 12 in Fitocracy, and as of today need 1269 … Read more

Leveled up on Fitocracy

I’m now Level 4 on Fitocracy.  It’s mostly been walking/jogging on the treadmill and doing elliptical trainer at the Y. I’ve walked a half-marathon on the treadmill since starting up with Fitocracy. Here’s to the next half-marathon!