A case of water

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A pack of forty 16-ounce bottles of water weighs about 40 pounds.

I just carried this case of water up two flights of stairs. I managed to do it without stopping, but I'm still catching my breath a few minutes later.

About 20 years ago I weighed about 205 pounds. I thought that was heavy at the time.

I now weigh 285 pounds. This is not one, but two of those packs of water. I'm carrying that around every day, all the time.

For Christmas this year (well, actually in a few days), my wife and I are getting a treadmill (a Horizon Fitness 7.4). We tried a similar version in Dick's Sporting Goods and the treadmill was pretty resilient to me walking on it. (My wife is getting it for the Sprint 8 HIIT program. It's a bonus that it will continue to work without a monthly subscription.)

We had gotten a treadmill off of Facebook Marketplace but it's not near the treadmill this new one will be. The belt slips a bit even after putting belt lubricant on it. Plus, I'm currently too heavy to use it.

The weight limit for the new treadmill is 325 pounds. I can walk on it, even if I had (yet) another pack of water that I was carrying around.

I'm not going to let it get to that point though. I can't.

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