Ninety-two more pushups

After reading about a few of my blogging colleagues getting into the Hundred Pushup Challenge I decided to get into it, too. My performance on the initial test was pretty poor: eight. Only ninety-two more to go. NCN at No. Calories Needed managed 13 on his first go-around. JD of Get Fit Slowly is working … Read more

Easy hack for really thin pats of butter

Once in a great, great, great while I’ll do something and my wife will laugh and say, “That was smart!” I cooked up some tortellini and vegetables for dinner a couple of weekends ago, and asked my wife what she wanted on it. “A little butter,” she said. We store our butter in the refrigerator … Read more

Free goodies at work are evil

I guess I have a really serious oral fixation or something like that. Or a sweet tooth. Or both. One of my colleagues gets a gift and decides to spread the wealth with the rest of us, which is nice. They get bonus points for their big heart. But man, a bowl of candy or … Read more

Working out with the Wii Fit

On Memorial Day we went over to a good friend’s house. There were a lot of kids there and eventually we congregated around the Nintendo Wii. They’ve had the Wii for a while but they had recently gotten the Wii Fit, which is a balance board and scale that is meant to be stood on. … Read more