Boycott Halloween?

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Len Penzo posted a tongue-in-cheek list of thirteen yucky Halloween treats that kids hate.

My (semi) tongue-in-cheek response was that the solution to make sure that kids don't get any treats that they don't like was easy:

Don't take the kids trick or treating.

Following that, I said this:

“Besides, most of that stuff is nearly [as] addicting as any hardcore drug that you can take. Predisposing kids for a lifetime of obesity isn’t being kind to them.”

Studies have indeed shown that sugar is as addictive as some pretty hard drugs.  Further, one of the most respected homeschooling curricula out there recommends that refined sugar be taken out of the children's diet.  From the article:

“Be kind to any new babes, don't let them have that first taste and they won't have to break a bad habit, dare I say .. an addiction. I wish I had had this resolve when our children were very young. ”

Having been terribly addicted to carbs for most of my life, and seeing how my wife has dropped close to fifty pounds by cutting out the carbs (she had cut out refined sugar a while back) I can see the wisdom in not indulging in sweets, and not allowing children to indulge in them, either.

2 thoughts on “Boycott Halloween?”

  1. I am interested to read your comments on cutting sugar from a person’s diet and your views on cutting out carbs. As the zero carb’s goes against most studies findings, when it comes to exercise and diet, I am interested to know your thoughts as you have a had a number of years experience? I also took the opportunity to to look back at some of your earlier postings and have noticed that a number of the people you used as examples for extreme weight loss are back to (or close to) their old weights. Does rapid and extrem weight loss work?

  2. Well, my wife has lost 50 pounds and kept it off for about six months. Most of what she did was to cut out the carbs. It wasn’t a slow weight loss process by any means, though.

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