Leveled up on Fitocracy

I’m now Level 4 on Fitocracy.  It’s mostly been walking/jogging on the treadmill and doing elliptical trainer at the Y. I’ve walked a half-marathon on the treadmill since starting up with Fitocracy. Here’s to the next half-marathon!

Is the key to weight loss exercise or eating less?

Jim and I read this Time article at about the same time: Why exercise won’t make you thin (A friend on Facebook pointed me to it.)  The article suggests that exercise has comparatively little to do with weight loss. What does make the difference is simply eating less.  The calorie-burning effect of exercise is marginalized … Read more

Elliptic trainers are fun

I’m working out on them a couple times a week.  Four or five times a week would be better. I prefer the ones that give an arm workout as well as the other parts.  Holding onto the railings on the other machines seems a little like cheating, but I’m not one to talk right now. … Read more