Boycott Halloween?

Len Penzo posted a tongue-in-cheek list of thirteen yucky Halloween treats that kids hate. My (semi) tongue-in-cheek response was that the solution to make sure that kids don’t get any treats that they don’t like was easy: Don’t take the kids trick or treating. Following that, I said this: “Besides, most of that stuff is … Read more

Low-carb substitute for rice

I really adore my rice and beans because it’s something that I can eat day-in, day-out, cheaply, without getting sick of it. Unfortunately, rice — even the somewhat lower glycemic index brown rice — is really high in carbohydrates. My wife has gone really low-carb (as in around 40 grams per day) and she’s lost … Read more

What’s the other half of the battle?

It’s likely that you’ve heard the phrase, “Well now you know, and knowing’s half the battle.” OK, knowing is half the battle, but what’s the other half? I asked this question over at How do you combat the late-night munchies? User “robulus” (who runs a website came up with this response.  Here’s an … Read more

Is the key to weight loss exercise or eating less?

Jim and I read this Time article at about the same time: Why exercise won’t make you thin (A friend on Facebook pointed me to it.)  The article suggests that exercise has comparatively little to do with weight loss. What does make the difference is simply eating less.  The calorie-burning effect of exercise is marginalized … Read more

I hate fundraisers

Well, maybe I should be a little more specific:  I hate fundraisers at work where they just leave a box of candy bars and an envelope in a high-traffic area. I fell off the wagon over the past week or so and became a really, really good customer of this particular fundraiser.  As in I … Read more

My biggest health or fitness vice

Nickel at Fit36 tagged me to post on my biggest health or fitness vice. I just plurked on this: I love beer, but beer doesn’t love me back. Beer might have some health benefits but for the most part it’s empty calories, and any health benefits I might have gotten from it are offset by … Read more

The killer hidden cost of weight-loss programs had this article on MSN Moneycentral: What does it cost to drop 30 pounds? The article runs down the costs associated with well-known diet programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and The Zone Diet. These programs aren’t cheap. The cheapest of the four for losing 30 pounds is under $100 (for online registration … Read more

Easy hack for really thin pats of butter

Once in a great, great, great while I’ll do something and my wife will laugh and say, “That was smart!” I cooked up some tortellini and vegetables for dinner a couple of weekends ago, and asked my wife what she wanted on it. “A little butter,” she said. We store our butter in the refrigerator … Read more