Wii Fit Plus is in da house, and it makes you think

My wife bought Wii Fit Plus at Costco earlier this week.  I think she bought it to encourage me some more.  I've been pretty good about watching what I eat very carefully and exercising for at least a half-hour each night on the Wii.

I talked about some of the Wii Fit Plus features over at Slimmify but the biggest overall difference is that this software makes you think.  It tests your memory, judgement, and the extent to which you can achieve mental disconnect between different parts of your body.  Some of the games are really, really tough, not necessarily in a physical sense but in a mental sense.

It's like walking and chewing gum on steroids.

Cracked out Wii Fit for the first time in a while

And it didn't even make a snide comment at me!  Probably was speechless because it thought I was dead.

Thirty-one minutes of Wiixercise:  11 minutes of Hula-Hoop® (no, there's no video), 13 minutes of rhythmic boxing, a couple games of soccer ball heading, one round of table tilting the balls down the holes, and one game of penguin slide.

Wii Fit wouldn't let me make a 2 1/2 month goal so I made a three-month goal to lose 14 pounds, which is about the same as my other short-term goal of getting down to 235 pounds by the end of the year.

NCN has a goal so I have one too

Thanks NCN for being man enough to admit that you're starting anew with your goals.  I probably wouldn't have done that.

I need to do this too.  I'm at 247 pounds, which is six pounds heavier than I was when I began this blog.  My original goal was to hit 151 pounds by May of next year.  The correct assessment of my progress toward this goal is:  Fat Chance.

So, well, I have to readjust my goals.  I e-mailed NCN to see if we could be accountable to one another, and he's up for it, so we'll post and spur one another on to good deeds.  Here are my new goals:

  • Down to 235 pounds by the end of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas are in there, so this probably isn't as easy as it sounds)
  • Down to 200 pounds by this time next year

So there you go.  Let's try this again!