Boycott Halloween?

Len Penzo posted a tongue-in-cheek list of thirteen yucky Halloween treats that kids hate. My (semi) tongue-in-cheek response was that the solution to make sure that kids don’t get any treats that they don’t like was easy: Don’t take the kids trick or treating. Following that, I said this: “Besides, most of that stuff is … Read more

My wife controls my meals this month

My wife is a very persistent and patient woman.  She asked me to let her take over my diet for this month in an effort to help me get rid of my carbohydrate addiction. She’s taken to a low-carb diet for the past six months to a year, and she’s dropped 35 pounds. She’s making … Read more

Low-carb substitute for rice

I really adore my rice and beans because it’s something that I can eat day-in, day-out, cheaply, without getting sick of it. Unfortunately, rice — even the somewhat lower glycemic index brown rice — is really high in carbohydrates. My wife has gone really low-carb (as in around 40 grams per day) and she’s lost … Read more