Dealing with a plateau

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Noom told me that this would happen.

Every day isn't going to be down. Sometimes you'll get stuck.

Trying to break 250, but not yet

I hit 251 pounds on September 3rd. That's down 30 pounds.

As of today September 30th, I'm still at 251 pounds. I spent all of September oscillating between 250 and 255 pounds.

I blame slipping back into late-night eating habits. It happens.

Plateaus aren't all bad

Though being stuck is no picnic, at least it's not going back up after a month. I have enough good habits going that it's balanced my bad ones, at least for this month.

At the beginning, I heard, “You didn't get fat overnight, and you won't lose the weight overnight, either.”

For now, though, I'm happy the opposite works as well: “I didn't lose 30 pounds overnight, and I won't gain it all back overnight, either.”

It all gets to building up good habits

I read James Clear's Atomic Habits this month.

One of the many great ideas in the book is the idea of voting for the person you want to become with your habits.

By plowing into a big cup of Chex Mix late at night, I'm casting a vote against the person I want to become.

By going to bed earlier or drinking more water in the evening, I'm casting a vote for the person I want to become.

One good night or one bad night isn't the end-all, be-all.

But continued good nights or continues bad nights will determine things.

So … here's to more votes in favor of who I want to become in October.

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