Elliptic trainers are fun

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I'm working out on them a couple times a week.  Four or five times a week would be better.

I prefer the ones that give an arm workout as well as the other parts.  Holding onto the railings on the other machines seems a little like cheating, but I'm not one to talk right now.

The machine says that I burn around 450 calories during my 35-minute workout.  (I weigh myself before I work out and enter that into the machine.  I probably actually burn no less than 350 calories; they're not too far off.) 

Through all this, I realized that people who lose two pounds a week are doing some serious dieting and some serious exercising.  It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound.  Cutting back 500 calories a day should mean a net loss of one pound per week.  Burning another 500 calories each and every day would be another pound per week.

At the rate I'm working out, I'd lose one pound a month.  That's probably not fast enough.  It's better than gaining a pound a month, but I'll be fat for a looooong time at that rate.

Elliptic trainers are fun.  I'll use them more often. 😉

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  1. 1 pound a week is my weight loss goal – I’m starting today! I’ve never been a fan of the ellipticals – I guess i’m old fashioned – i just like the regular ‘ol treadmill!

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