Find somebody to bug you about exercising

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One of the guys that works in the same building I do at work bugs me every chance he gets about whether I'm going to the YMCA to exercise or not.

This is a very good thing.  I've asked him to keep needling me.

He's a little older than I am, and he's trying to get back into shape before it's too late.  He's trying a lot harder than I am, and doing what he can.  He's admitted that it takes longer to recover between workouts than it used to, but he still does what he can.

I have done a little better at exercising than I was at the end of last year.  I've exercised for at least 30 minutes at least twice a week this month.  Keeping track of this is one of only two goals I have this year.

Hopefully my colleague will bug me about getting there three times a week. 😉

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