Free goodies at work are evil

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I guess I have a really serious oral fixation or something like that. Or a sweet tooth. Or both.

One of my colleagues gets a gift and decides to spread the wealth with the rest of us, which is nice. They get bonus points for their big heart. But man, a bowl of candy or a birthday cake or a plate of brownies is so tempting. It's right there, and it's free.

I'm a bargain hunter so “free” is my favorite word. Once in a great while there will be a retirement party and there will be leftovers from a vegetable snack tray, but usually the calories lying around are just empty carbs.

For the past few days I'd been pretty good about passing by the sweets, but today I fell off the wagon, and man, the sweets hitting my system just shut it down. I knew that refined sugar promotes tooth decay and suppresses the immune system but here are several dozen bad things that sugar does to your body. (Scroll down to the salmon-colored box.)

Water can be a good substitute for those occasional cravings, and as long as I get it out of the fountain, it's free, too.

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