Having a cheering section really helps

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For those of you that already have a Wii, you know that you can make a Mii (pronounced “me”) for yourself that usually can look a great deal like you if you want it to. And so can everyone in your family. And so can all of your friends.

Most of the games in Wii Sports and Wii Fit (and even Wii Play) incorporate other Miis that you know as a cheering section. The skiing events have Miis you know at the bottom of the hill. Step Aerobics has Miis working out right beside you and smiling at you. And so on. It's a really nice touch that the game designer added, and makes much of the workout feel personal and even a bit social even if no one else is around.

As fun as this is, it really doesn't compare to having my three-year-old daughter cheering me along as I do the hula-hoop exercise. That's absolutely priceless.

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