Hundred Pushups, Week 3, Day 1

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This one was tough, and I thought I may have pulled a muscle in my right arm doing it. Powering through sixty-four pushups isn't a good thing to do if I injure myself in the process.

Week 3, Day 1, Column 1 (based on my exhaustion test result of 19): 15, 12, 12, 10, max = 15. (No overachieving on the maximum this time around.)

This week may be one I'll have to repeat since I'm coming close to injuring myself in the process. I probably overdid things a little bit by also doing Rhythm Boxing on Wii Fit
at the encouragement of my coach, who came back this evening with her mother from a trip to West Virginia.

My arm is feeling better as I write this, but it's something to watch and be careful about. I do some stretching of the push-up muscles but a warm-up period and more stretching probably wouldn't hurt.

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