I hate fundraisers

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Well, maybe I should be a little more specific:  I hate fundraisers at work where they just leave a box of candy bars and an envelope in a high-traffic area.

I fell off the wagon over the past week or so and became a really, really good customer of this particular fundraiser.  As in I bought a couple dozen candy bars and practically bought the whole softball team new uniforms.

Food, food, food.  Buy some food.  It's for the kids.  BAH!  "Apply directly to hips" is more like it.

I pray that I can resist temptation for sweets more.  It's something I know that I won't be able to do with my own power.  A 5% success rate for keeping weight off five years or more says that it's difficult even with His help.

Here's a question for you folks who aren't as tempted by sweets:  How do you say no when your taste buds are screaming yes?

2 thoughts on “I hate fundraisers”

  1. I think about how much work it took me to burn that many calories and have a piece of the healthier dark organic chocolate hidden in my desk… Unless I really want one, then I buy ONE and nibble on it slowly. And I think about money for charity is still money I could spend on something else! Besides, are you really enjoying the sweets if you’re eating them in bulk? It’s a sometimes food, keep that in mind and savour when that “some” time comes around.

  2. I adapted my taste buds to prefer fruit, most candy is too sweet, and I don’t like it. I keep good things, like dark chocolate almonds, around the house, and eat one or two when I want something chocolatey. Cake is also too sweet, though I eat it on rare occasions, usually when I’ve been drinking.

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