My biggest health or fitness vice

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Nickel at Fit36 tagged me to post on my biggest health or fitness vice.

I just plurked on this:

I love beer, but beer doesn't love me back.

Beer might have some health benefits but for the most part it's empty calories, and any health benefits I might have gotten from it are offset by the extra pounds.

One thing that helps is my wife plays “beer fairy” and hides them where I can't find them, thereby allowing her to ration them a little more. (I play along and don't look for the beers.) That, and it is a bit fun to summon the beer fairy, I must admit.

Hmmm, who to tag next? How about:

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3 thoughts on “My biggest health or fitness vice”

  1. Beer is a detriment to my weight loss plan, too. I do enjoy my beer… My motto is “so many beers, so little time….”

    I’ll work out longer and harder to indulge my beer habit. 🙂

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