My three year old daughter is a great coach

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She works me hard!

During dinner tonight she asked me to “do boxing” on Wii Fit. This is the Rhythm Boxing cardio workout. She really likes the fast punching at the end, and informs me that I'm “going to go fast later.”

Then, she wanted me to run the Island Lap. Ten minutes of jogging.

Following that, I walked the tightrope.

Finally, six minutes of Super Hula Hoop™. (Yes, it's pretty amusing to watch me do that.) She made sure I was all right a couple of times when I lost my balance, and threw in a few “go go go Daddy” shouts for good measure.

Thirty-two minutes later, I was spent, but I know that I got a good workout!

And my daughter coached me through that. 😉

3 thoughts on “My three year old daughter is a great coach”

  1. I want Wii Fit but I have to wait to I loose below the 330 lb weight limit. Buying the Wii Fit will be my reward for losing below 300.

    Does the Wii Fit fitness tracking features track progress on the Wii Sports games in terms of fitness? Is the Rhythm Boxing you mention above part of Wii Sports or Wii Fit?

    My daughter just turned 4. Are there things on the Wii she could do?

    Good post. Keep em coming.

  2. Thanks for your comments!!

    Todd: Supposedly it’s possible to keep track of other exercises on Wii Fit but I don’t use it for this. The Rhythm boxing is part of Wii Fit. There’s a regular boxing game that’s part of Wii Sports.

    Your daughter could do the 2-person run with you. That just involves putting the Wii Remote in a pocket!

    Let me know when you can use the balance board and I’ll offer my congratulations! 😉

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