My wife controls my meals this month

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My wife is a very persistent and patient woman.  She asked me to let her take over my diet for this month in an effort to help me get rid of my carbohydrate addiction.

She's taken to a low-carb diet for the past six months to a year, and she's dropped 35 pounds.

She's making it pretty easy on me, though.  All she's modifying this month is what I take in.  Not the amount.  Not how much exercise I get.  Just the particular foods.  That, and I'm not going as low-carb as she did.  She went down really low on the carbs the first month.  I'm going quite a bit lower than I have been, but not as low as she did.

I've substituted orange juice for milk, rice for low-carb bread in a sandwich.  I'm eating more salads.  I can eat at Chipotle, but I get a bowl rather than a burrito (no rice, no tortilla).  I take steamed broccoli instead of a baked potato for a side when I ate out with a friend yesterday.

How is it working?  I may have lost a little bit of weight, but I can say that I feel better.  At the very least, I felt the carb load of the pizza I had Saturday night really bad.  It really knocked me to sleep.  I'm going lower-carb, but for now, probably not lower-calorie.  I have a stash of raw almonds at work that I hit pretty hard during the day.

Anyway, I've been playing along with my wife's experiment for a week and a half now, and it's going pretty well!

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