On again, off again

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Since Budgets Are Sexy is running a PF Blogger Showdown later today, and since I mention Deflabbify over there, I suppose I should post what I've done here over the past three months, no? 😉

Anyway, this blog is a bit on again, off again — much like my weight, I suppose — but the good news is that I'm within only a couple of pounds of my goal for the end of 2009.  I just weighed myself in at 238 pounds.

NCN is off a little weight as well, which is a very good thing.  I can completely understand how busy he's been because he, like myself, had a new house purchase on his plate.  Hopefully his went more smoothly than mine, but if it didn't I'd be one of the first to give him some slack.  Buying a house, especially a foreclosure, can mean putting out fires and turning on a dime.

The one thing that has been keeping me plenty active has been the blizzards that have hit the East coast.  We have a long driveway that needs a lot of shoveling, so the unexpected work has also been good exercise.

So here's to thawing out and getting back on track a bit. 😉

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