Hundred Pushups, Week 2, Day 1

I rested for two days in between Week 1 and Week 2, and did 41 pushups for tonight’s workout. I’m in column 2 at the moment: 9, 8, 6, 4, max = 14.

I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that even as early as the first day after starting a new exercise it’s possible to outperform the first try. For example, a friend of mine recalled the time he started working on the bench press. The first day he did 110 pounds, and the following day he could do 120 pounds.

It’s pretty cool that even after just a week I can do nearly twice as many pushups (fourteen) in a row — after four sets of pushups — than I could on the first day (eight). Maybe that’s the way God designs exercise: some quick improvement at the beginning so that we give thanks and stay encouraged, then a lot of hard work after so that we stay humble. 😉

My three year old daughter is a great coach

She works me hard!

During dinner tonight she asked me to “do boxing” on Wii Fit. This is the Rhythm Boxing cardio workout. She really likes the fast punching at the end, and informs me that I’m “going to go fast later.”

Then, she wanted me to run the Island Lap. Ten minutes of jogging.

Following that, I walked the tightrope.

Finally, six minutes of Super Hula Hoop™. (Yes, it’s pretty amusing to watch me do that.) She made sure I was all right a couple of times when I lost my balance, and threw in a few “go go go Daddy” shouts for good measure.

Thirty-two minutes later, I was spent, but I know that I got a good workout!

And my daughter coached me through that. 😉

Hundred Pushups, Week 1, Day 3

Done with Week 1! I got through the first week’s workout on Column 2. Here it is:

Date Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Maximum Total
06/21/08 7 7 5 4 12 35
06/23/08 9 8 6 5 10 38
06/25/08 10 8 8 5 11 42

Oh, I’ve created a worksheet so that you can easily log your progress on the Hundred Pushups Challenge! It’s a free download, and you can share it with as many people as you like!

Download the Hundred Pushups Challenge Worksheet

Hundred Pushups, Week 1, Day 2

I actually did this one last night but I made it through the workout in Column 2: 9, 8, 6, 5, and a max of 10, for a total of 38 pushups.

I’m being generous with my rest periods in between the levels. The sheet calls for 90 seconds (or more if necessary) and I always seem to feel that more is necessary. 🙂

There’s probably a trade-off between conditioning myself to power through the sets with only the minimum time in between levels or trying to take it a little “easier” and do more pushups at this stage of the game. What little I do know (or think I know) is that the strength building comes from the last part of the set at which point the muscles tear under the exertion and are repaired, stronger, over the rest period. Maybe taking the levels a little bit slower makes the workout more aerobic and less strength training?

I don’t know. But I do know that doing the pushups either way is better than not doing the pushups. Like Jim said, yesterday I did 38 more pushups than I probably would have done without the program.

My Fit Bank on Wii Fit got an upgrade tonight

Tonight I passed the ten-hour mark on Wii Fit and my “Fit Bank” got a bronze-color upgrade along with a brief fanfare. These little touches are nice and remind me that I’m sticking to this pretty well.

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, here it is in a nutshell. The Fit Bank is a squarish animated piggy bank of sorts that stores the “Fit Credits” I earn for doing the activities. One minute of activity is one fit credit (FC) and counts as one minute in the Fit Bank. The strength training exercises are usually 1 FC, the yoga exercises are usually 2 FC, and the balance and cardio activities run me anywhere from 1 to 20 FC. The FCs drop into the Fit Bank with a satisfying sound one by one after each exercise.

I’ll need to make this goal a little more formal but I’m on pace to earn 30 minutes worth of FC each week. (I get a short fanfare each day that I put in 30 minutes or more. I’m such a sucker for these little encouragements!)

Hundred Pushups, Week 1, Day 1

Tonight was a bit of a strange time to start the Hundred Pushups program, but I did.

Since I only did eight pushups on the initial test I started in Column 2. Day 1 of Week 1 calls for five levels (sets) of pushups: 7, 7, 5, 4, and max (as many as I can do), with a rest period of 60 seconds (or more) in between. I did the first four levels as prescribed, and did 12 pushups on the fifth, for a total of 35 pushups. The next day I’ll do on Monday so I’ll have a day’s rest in between.

We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow. I’ll drink plenty of water before I hit the sack tonight.

Ninety-two more pushups

After reading about a few of my blogging colleagues getting into the Hundred Pushup Challenge I decided to get into it, too.

My performance on the initial test was pretty poor: eight. Only ninety-two more to go.

NCN at No. Calories Needed managed 13 on his first go-around. JD of Get Fit Slowly is working up and Jim at Journal of Healthy Living powered through 27 the first time around. Nickel and Flexo are in, too.

The program at looks pretty easy to follow! Definitely not easy to do, but easy to follow!

Having a cheering section really helps

For those of you that already have a Wii, you know that you can make a Mii (pronounced “me”) for yourself that usually can look a great deal like you if you want it to. And so can everyone in your family. And so can all of your friends.

Most of the games in Wii Sports and Wii Fit (and even Wii Play) incorporate other Miis that you know as a cheering section. The skiing events have Miis you know at the bottom of the hill. Step Aerobics has Miis working out right beside you and smiling at you. And so on. It’s a really nice touch that the game designer added, and makes much of the workout feel personal and even a bit social even if no one else is around.

As fun as this is, it really doesn’t compare to having my three-year-old daughter cheering me along as I do the hula-hoop exercise. That’s absolutely priceless.