Seven things I’ve already noticed since I began exercising again

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I'm very thankful that the positive feedback that comes from beginning an exercise program comes quickly. Here are seven little things that my wife, myself, and others have noticed already about me since I began exercising again:

  • I feel better. This happened almost immediately. Just the act of finally doing something about my weight made me feel better. Overall, I don't ache as much, and I have more energy.
  • My wife used to only be able to hook two fingers behind my back when she was hugging me. Now she can grab her wrists.
  • I can wrap a towel around myself without worrying that it will fall off.
  • My mother-in-law says that I'm walking straighter
  • My triceps are getting a little bit of definition with the push-up routine.
  • I can see a hint of my cheek bones again.
  • My wife says I have more “sparkle.” I'm losing the glumpy caveman look, and I seem to care more and be happier.

If you've lost some weight, what were some of the first things you or your spouse noticed about you?

3 thoughts on “Seven things I’ve already noticed since I began exercising again”

  1. That’s great. How much weight have you lost so far? I know that I’ve certainly feel better (and better about myself) over the past few months.

  2. The glorious, wonderful, choir of angels singing moment that I noticed I needed a belt to keep my pants up. Then, when I needed to cinch the belt another notch, then when I noticed that my body didn’t pop and crack like it used to.

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