Silver Fit Bank, following dogs, and taking it easy

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I just crossed the 20-hour mark in Fit Credits on Wii Fit. My Fit Bank got an upgrade to silver. It's all shiny and stuff.

Tonight I put over an hour on Wii Fit because my wife found out how to take different routes on the Island Lap run. We had wanted to find the fifteen hidden retro Nintendo characters scattered all over the island (like Mario and the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers) but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to run the different parts of the island. I knew that I had done it before — that was the frustrating part.

The trick is to follow the dogs. At certain points in the run a dog will com up from behind you. If you pass your guide, then the dog becomes the new guide, and takes you through a different route. What had happened is that I was fooling around during the first couple of times I did the run, and I deliberately passed my guide just to watch my Mii trip and fall. (Simple jokes for simple folks.) But for the past couple of weeks I took my time, and did a nice, steady pace, and saw the exact same route every single time I did the run. Well, my steady pace didn't let me follow any of the dogs! Bingo! (That's his name-o.)

I've been holding off on the 100 Pushups Challenge for the past week. My chiropractor told me that the hand position for standard pushups can cause the hands and wrists to tighten and become a bit painful to move. Holding off on that during Week 3 helped fix that, but then my right shoulder started to act up. The little pains in my shoulder reminded me of a time a few years ago when I had a likely rotator cuff injury. I was dumb and tried to launch my old dryer drum into the front yard before we took it to the dump. (I took it easy for a week or so and it healed, and remembered not to shock my shoulder like that.) Since basically the only way to heal that kind of injury is to immobilize the shoulder, I'm pretty careful, and if it starts complaining, I take it easy.

Well, that's my update. How are you doing with your routines?

4 thoughts on “Silver Fit Bank, following dogs, and taking it easy”

  1. I earned a silver Fit Bank in the last week as well! I’m on my 68th day – I’ve lost 7 pounds and have noticed little hints of muscle tone where there once was none. I’m a huge fan of the Wii Fit – it just really works for me. Keep up the hard work!

  2. totally makes sense what your chiropractor your shoes I think Id nary push ONE up.

    too many other great chest/tri/delt builders out there.

    Tell BINGO that HERCULES (my bullmastiff) says hey 😉

  3. I have wrist issues so I either do push ups on my knuckles or using push up handles (like the perfect push up as seen on TV or stationary ones ~$10). when I do tradional push ups, the blood is cut off to my hand and it turns purple in under a minute so the handles and knuckles are a life saver.

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