Well, Wii Fit didn’t keel over from shock

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It had been a while since I logged any time on Wii Fit.  Bad me.  It teases me a little when I miss a few days.  The animated Balance Board was happy as always to see me again, and I put in 30 minutes for the first time in about a month without keeling over myself.

I guess there are bound to be a few false starts with any habit-changing endeavors like weight loss.  And this particular one is really tough to overcome:  It's estimated that only 5% of people who lose 10% of their body weight will keep it off for five years or more.  That's twenty-to-one odds.  Even worse odds than staying married.

One thing that has been really throwing a wrench in the gears has been my sleep schedule.  Many people have commented that I've been staying up, and getting up, way too late.  I've come to realize that this ripples through the rest of my life and backs everything up against a wall.  I've kinda-sorta gotten away with being an ultra-night-owl for quite a while, but it's catching up to me, and calling attention to things that aren't really too complimentary.  People at work notice that I roll in pretty late (even though we have flexible hours), and getting up early for church on Sunday is always a challenge.  Throwing off my sleep schedule so often affects how well I sleep, so my desire to exercise goes down, which decreases my productivity and how well I sleep.  That's a bad cycle to get into.

Anyway, I'm trying to address my sleep schedule and re-commit myself to exercise.  Thanks for sticking around as I figure this out.  I appreciate it!

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